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Name of the wine: Acroneo Tempesta

Grapes: Greco nero 80%

Mandonico nero 20%
Place of production: San Demetrio Corone (Calabria Italy)

Altitude of vineyard: 350 m.a.s.l.
System of upbringing: Spurred cordon
Time of grape harvest: First 10 days of October
ABV: 14,5%
In the vineyard: Organic farming
Vinification: Maceration in underground terracotta amphora; fermentation in amphora of underground terracotta.
Aging: In an underground amphora, for six months; subsequent refinement in the bottle.
Serving temperature: 16-18 C
Matches: Mature cheese, grilled red meat, flavoured white meat
Visual evaluation: Red-ruby
Tasting evaluation: It is an elegant and harmonious wine, well balanced and of good intensity. It is direct in the mouth, dry, wrap-around, good favore, moderately tannic with a strong acidity.
Olfactory evaluation: It has a nice spiciness on the nose, with a very intriguing olfactory range that goes from clove to black pepper.

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